Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hey guys,how are you all?
Everything alright?
Long time we never meet after graduate.

Here,i wish you all, All the BEST. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It was amazing!

Long time never update this blog..


Wanna share something with you all guys, which is amazing!
Our dear teacher Pn.Azfariza wans in our class and discussing the Economics paper.
When she reading the answer,one of the student heard from the word 'jurang' to 'curang'.
The whole class were laugh!! Haha...
Howcome she will think is "curang'? Of course impossible LOL..
What a lame questions,but we have a good laugh!!

Maybe this two days we are doing some revision on B.m
one of the komsas named "SABOR"
Haha.. Thus,this word is in every student mind..
Only in 5PE mind.. Will never forget!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mathematics teacher absent

Our Pn.Wong absent for today,HOORAY..
And the relieved teacher was Miss.Low..
Long time she did not come to our class,even for relieved periods,
This was the 1st times she came in to our class,5PE..
But the feeling is,we are so strange..
This cause,everyones had change
She is a fierce teacher now.

Sorry,Miss.Low,Isn't you become so fierce now?
Sorry,if you are not..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chinese New Year decorations

This was our Chinese NEw Year decorations..
You see so so so so "Beautiful"...
(I think it was too childish and simple)
And me..
What we can do?
We can't do anything,just know that we are increative..
Still say we are in Form 5??
I think is too shame to say that..
Let's see what happened on our board

Every teacher come in also,shaking their head..
What can we Do??

Friday, January 29, 2010

Miss you

Miss.Lim,we miss you lol..
You did not teach us for this year,no more story to listen at all...
Last year,we have nice lesson everyday...
But now,we have bored lesson for b.c and history...
No more laughing in the class,no more...
Review back last year
We have some big news to discuss everydays..
At least we learn something from what we talk...
Now,no more..
Boring Chinese,Boring History..

Agree with me???

Miss You!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everything still the same!

Seldom update this blog,cause a lot of homework now..
Form 5..Many things have to study..

Our class remains the same..

Same as last time..
Everything also the same..

The noise of the class... BlalahBlalahblah

And something that never change.
Still scold by every teacher,every period
Haizz,although we grow bigger,but still need to get scolded by teacher everytime leh!
I also don't know who we are!!!
Are we human beings???
Do not know how to listen?

A new year,every teacher has been change...
Not the same at all...
But also will scolded by them,it means we are too terrible..
The first week of the Friday,we have start scolded by teacher..
Now only the second week of school,but all the teacher has start scolded and scolded..
If we continuously,i can't even think about how the following week,month and year!!!
The teacher came into our class,must feel headache!!
Or after go back to office will keep on complaining us,this or that!!!
So,this class is popular in the office from last year until now..
Especially Cik.Azfariza,
She was the ones who scolded us every periods when she come in (from Form 4-5)

The truth is,every teacher for today keep on scolding and scolding.
Every period also,we did not have even 1 period is without teacher scolding.

In Science Lab,all group were talking,they have their big news.
Maybe they have to settle their big deals first!
Is really noisy and noisy,but teacher didn't care about them,just keep on explaining to us who sitting in front.
Pity her too!
Science teacher is very good..
She feel angry,but not like scolding us,is talking to us very politely
Seldom saw the teacher can control so well,except Pn.Rafidah,Miss.Low,Miss.Lim,En.Chang..

I can't imagine how it will going on???

Still the same..
Cik.Azfariza came in,
She scolded us that after 10 min also haven't ready,
And she start angry..
And same we still have 20 min more,
Then,she start teaching,
After a while,someones talk..
And she become so angry,

She say:"Jika kamu sangat pandai,buat sendiri lal"...
Still the same,ask us to do ourselves..
This habit will never change.
Teacher always think that we will always be like that...
And we won't change teacher mind..
Pn.Chai say we should change teacher thinking,
teacher think about us negatif,and we should not be like this..

Friday, January 8, 2010

This was still the 1st week of Form 5

This was still the 1st week of Form5,the last day,Friday..

Today,we have B.I
When she came in,our class has become so noisy...
She say last few days she only praise us polite that we will knock the door to come in and say "Good MOrning"..
But,today so noisy..And she ask us to read the novel..
She asked:Who have read??? (Wallow,no ones)
So all punished by the teacher except a few only..

Pn.cheow is teaching us..
She scold us that we make so much noise and need to use so much times to scold us..
HAiz,us lol...
Cannot finnish what she want to teach also blaming us..

Still very good..
Finnish the esei that told by Pn.Yu to pass up on time..
Still quiet..

Stat talking and talking...
So noisy..
We are good at only the few days!!!
Start to become like last time..
Pn.Wong: "Y so noisy"? Now still the 1st week,so later how would it be???
Monitor: We are better than last year but worst that last few days..
Pn.Wong: Another year shouldn't be like this lol.. Grow bigger..
(But i think this is only us..)

Wow,also make noise..
Pn.Chai say we have some problem.
Will suddenly laugh without reason.
She think that we are so strange,sot sot de..
She say so terrible your class!!

Of course we feel nothing,because we have same class for a year..
I feel more terrible,the few days when school start..
So quiet..
But for today,we have feel that it is normal..
We are talkative and so aktif
1. Berjalan-jalan semasa P&P dijalankan..

For the new teacher,you should not be surprise of this class... This is only us.. PE,Although in Form 4 or Form 5